ISO DIS 14306

ISO DIS 14306

Industrial automation systems and integration - JT file format specification for 3D visualization

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Publication Date: 07/27/2016 - Complete Document

Description :

The scope of the second edition has not changed from the first edition. The purpose of the modifications in the following paragraphs is to provide clarification on the scope definition.

This International Standard defines the syntax and semantics of a file format for the 3D visualization and interrogation of lightweight geometry and product manufacturing information derived from CAD systems, using visualization software tools that do not need the full capability of a CAD system.

This standard has been adopted as a 3D visualization capability in addition to the ISO 10303 series.

The ISO 10303 series are the ISO standards adopted for the engineering data exchange, sharing and long term archiving of product definition information throughout the product lifecycle.

In this standard 3D visualization is defined as the visual presentation on a screen or another media of graphical and textual 3 dimensional representations of a set of data representing an object, information or results of a computational process in order to enable decision process by a human looking at the data visualized in a medium.

The file format supports the following information:

— Facet information (triangles), stored with geometry compression techniques

— Visual attributes such as lights, textures and materials

— Product manufacturing information, such as dimensions, tolerances and other attributes

— Boundary representation (b-rep) solid model shape representations. Several alternatives are available, including a representation based on the geometry standard defined in ISO 10303

— Configuration representations

— Delivery methods such as asynchronous streaming of content

The standard does not specify the implementation of, or definition of a run-time architecture for viewing or processing of the file format.

Note 1: This International Standard is based on the JT Open version 9.5 specification, which defines a scene graph with geometry specific node and attribute support, extended to support ISO 10303.

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Publication Date : 07/27/2016

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Title : Industrial automation systems and integration - JT file format specification for 3D visualization