Crankshaft Hardening and Tempering Measurement Analysis Strategy


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Publication Date: 03/01/2016 - Complete Document *

Description :

Purpose. This standard describes the methodology to

a. Interpret in-process measurements that fall out of tolerance.

b. Calculate compliance to the: Tempered is documented by a minimum two (2) Hardness Rockwell C Scale (HRC) reduction between fully quenched without temper and production temper process requirement. This drop in surface hardness is used to confirm the tempering process meets the intent of tempered as noted on crankshaft prints. Reference Figure 1.

c. Confirm the heat treat inspection parameters used to verify consistent hardening of the crankshaft.

Applicability. This standard applies to hardened crankshafts.

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Title : Crankshaft Hardening and Tempering Measurement Analysis Strategy