Brake Systems for Passenger Cars, Harmonized Certification Test


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Publication Date: 03/01/2016 - Complete Document *

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Purpose. To evaluate the braking system performance of category passenger vehicles consistent with the requirements of United Nations Economic Commission Europe (ECE) Regulation Number R13-H, and Australia Motor Vehicle Standards Act Australian Design Rule (ADR) 31/01, including new regulations with regard to requirements on “electric regenerative braking” systems (from ECE R13-H to new revision UN R13H).

Note: This procedure requires review whenever a new revision of ECE R13-H is enacted. The document describes all type approval relevant behaviors and parts of the entire car. For further information on ECE R13-H document see the GM Legal Database.

Note: Suppliers will work with the responsible GM Engineer to comprehend this requirement. Vehicle Technical Specification (VTS) requirements are always higher or equivalent as normally agreed. 

Applicability. This standard is applicable to passenger vehicles with hydraulic brake systems.

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Title : Brake Systems for Passenger Cars, Harmonized Certification Test