Shop approval in renewable energy


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The certification concept for shop approval provides evidence to stakeholders that a manufacturer has demonstrated verifiable capability for the manufacturing process. Capability is relative to an approved scope of work to comply with a set of requirements identified as being critical for the manufacturing processes.

This service certifies that a workshop operates with approved production facilities, working procedures, methods and qualified staff. DNV GL assesses and verifies the applicant’s capability to manufacture wind turbine components in compliance with national as well as international standards and guidelines or acknowledged methods.

The DNV GL shop approval is independent from component, type or project certification and is always workshop specific. It consists of the two main elements “general document review” and “on-site inspection”. The general document review includes evaluation of the general quality documentation, e.g. specifications and procedures for manufacturing purposes. As part of the shop approval audit an inspection of the workshop facilities and relevant associated manufacturing and quality processes is performed. Furthermore, validity check of equipment being used as well as skills of staff is covered by this service.

The service specification also describes conditions for maintaining the shop approval.

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Title : Shop approval in renewable energy