Certification of grid code compliance


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Scope of this service specification

DNV GL’s GCC services are advising what requirements are to be taken from which grid code, how to provide evidence of compliance by testing and measuring technical capabilities of units and plants and how to evaluate the results and to state the compliance with certain requirements in different levels (GCC-classes).

The certification concepts for grid code compliance as detailed below constitute robust means to provide evidence of compliance and give corresponding confirmations to stakeholders (owners, financiers, partners, utility and insurance companies, the public, governmental and non-governmental organizations) by independent verifications.

The project certification concept [3.3.3] gives confirmation that relevant local requirements for the plant or module are met. This is granted by listing the set of local requirements and by the corresponding assessment. The project certificate also confirms that corresponding compliance is valid for the site and verified independently. Local requirements are depending on the GCC-class as described in [3.1.3] and sometimes they are given in site specific documents usually issued by the relevant network operator (RNO).

The type certification concept provides the same for a type of unit.

Other GCC services can be provided as well. The scope of requirements to be considered, the data basis for the assessment and the different verification levels are defined and described in [3.1] and thereafter.

The service specification describes the activities which are necessary to be carried out to obtain a DNV GL certificate for grid code compliance or other deliverables which are also defined within this document. The service specification additionally describes how to agree upon the assessment level and the scope of assessment, as this can be chosen by the customer via different GCC-classes whether it shall prove full acceptance of a specific system operator or if the maximum capability concerning a set of well-defined GCC features shall be verified.

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Title : Certification of grid code compliance