Ice strengthening of propulsion machinery


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Publication Date: 03/01/2016 - Complete Document

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This class guideline contains procedures and methods necessary for verification of the load carrying capacity (ultimate and fatigue strength) for the following components in the propulsion plant subject to loads due to ice impacts:

— propeller blades, hub and pitch mechanism

— shafts

— reduction gears

— pod/thruster underwater housing.

The assessment of other components together with the general applicability, required safety factors, material requirements and design ice loads for the different ice classes are given in RU SHIP Pt.6 Ch.6 Sec.2 (Northern Baltic ice classes: Ice(1A*F) - Ice(1C)) and RU SHIP Pt.6 Ch.6 Sec.5 (polar ice classes: PC(1) to PC(7)). Consequently, this document should be read together with the rules referred to above, in order to describe all aspects of the strength assessment.

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Title : Ice strengthening of propulsion machinery