ACI 308R

ACI 308R

Guide to External Curing of Concrete


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Publication Date: 05/01/2016 - Complete Document

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The principles and practices of external curing are applicable to all types of concrete construction. This document does not fully address curing for specialty concrete and special construction techniques (refer to 4.5), nor does it fully address internally cured concrete. For additional information on internally cured concrete using preconditioned absorptive lightweight aggregates, refer to ACI (308-213)R. Curing measures, in general, are specified in ACI 308.1. Curing measures directed toward the maintenance of satisfactory concrete temperature under specific environmental conditions are addressed in greater detail in ACI 305R, ACI 306R, ACI 301, and ACI 318.

The fundamental principles of external curing remain the same as in the past; however, new research and methods of curing are presented herein. Topics such as internal curing, curing at elevated temperatures, sustainability, curing of moisture-sensitive flooring, sensors for mass concrete curing, and new curing monitoring techniques have been added or enhanced in this document

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Publication Date : 05/01/2016

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Title : Guide to External Curing of Concrete